When You Don't See God...Commit

May 21, 2017




In our continued series on Ruth, lead pastor Sy Huffer faces the question, "What to do you do when there is nothing else to do?"


Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: What is God calling you to that seems unthinkable? How can praying help clarify whether he truly is calling to you that? Make sure whatever you think God is calling you to matches his character and will that is revealed in the Bible.

Speak: Who can help you walk through a season when you feel like you don’t see God? Who do you know that is asking the question: “What do you do when there is nothing else to do?” If you are struggling with what God is calling you to, who can you speak to? 

Grow: How does the idea of committing to God even when you don’t see him challenge you? Does it make you angry or rub you the wrong way? How does it stretch you in your faith?

Love: Loving others can sometimes make a lot more sense then loving God. It is easier to understand, yet still difficult to do. Yet Jesus says “If you love me, keep my commands.” Loving God=obeying God. What does it look like to commit to God, to love him, even when you don’t see him at work?