When You Don't See God...Cry

May 14, 2017




In this series in the book of Ruth, Dr. Mark Scott reminds us that when we don't see God, we can cry out to Him.


Use these questions to further explore the theme of Sunday's message.

Pray: Do you internalize the hurts of this world? The story of Ruth starts out with news of a famine (1:1). Famines happen due to fallen creation, war, and sometimes evil systems. In a world of weight watchers there are people starving--even some believers. Pray for people experiencing famine.

Speak: Boaz's servant spoke on behalf of hard-working Ruth (2:6-7). He advocated for her. He told her story. When was the last time you used your tongue to advocate for someone else? We are to speak for those who have no voice. Who needs you to advocate for them?

Love: It hard to improve on the loyal love of Ruth for her mother-in-law, Naomi (1:16-17). Love often shows up as loyalty. Who needs your loyalty today. Someone from your own family? Someone from your neighborhood? Find such a person and ask what love should do for that person.

Grow: The longer we walk with the Lord the more we notice his tender grace in our lives. Sometimes it shows up by people being very generous with us (2:16). Do you do well when people show you outrageous generosity? Have you learned the humble grace of receiving? Does pride block your ability to grow in this important discipline?



6:30 PM, Wednesday, May 24, K120

Infertility, miscarriage, and infant death can be a silent pain. We care. For those wanting to move through the emotions that can accompany loss, we invite you to this gathering. Dr. Jeremey Wolfe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Ann Wolfe, Early Childhood Minister, will lead our discussion. Children’s programming will be provided, but please sign up by May 21. For questions or to sign up for children’s programming, contact Ann Wolfe at awolfe@chjoplin.org or x130.