Is There Hope for Me?

April 25, 2017




Sy Huffer, Lead Minister at College Heights, reminds us that Jesus gives us hope for our past and encourages us to surrender our sin to Him.

No matter your past, Jesus died the death we deserve, and he rose again, defeating death and offering all of us new life, life beyond our past, beyond our mistakes, beyond our failure, beyond the beast inside each and every one of us.
— Sy Huffer


Use these questions to help you further explore the theme of Sy's message:

Pray: Who do you know that needs prayer about overcoming their past? Ask the Lord in your prayer life to show you how Jesus overcomes your past.

Speak: Who do you know that needs to hear the good news that Jesus can overcome their past? Write a list of names of people that are close to you and far from God, and commit to speaking to them about the hope we have in Jesus.

Grow: What does it look like to live in the present with hope in Jesus who has wiped away your past, your failures, your shame, your guilt? How can you grow in your understanding of Jesus’ victory over sin, over your past, over your hurts?

Love: Why is the hope we have in Jesus so key to dealing with the issues of our past? Who do you love that is simply stuck in their past? Do you love yourself the way Jesus loves you, in spite of your mistakes and failures? Do you truly believe that you have hope through Jesus’ death and resurrection?