SPEAK...And Suffer

April 10, 2017



Join us as we continue through the book of Mark and we talk about suffering. Dr. Mark Scott, one of our Teaching Team Ministers, asks, "Just what is the point of suffering and what are we willing to suffer for?"

Watch here.

Sometimes your suffering has a sermon in it.
— Dr. Mark Scott


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:

Pray: What is obviously missing from the way that the Sanhedrin's meeting to "try"Jesus started (Mark 14:55-55) Answer: No prayer. No willingness to seek what God wanted in the situation. Guilty? Resolve to pray before important meetings in so far as possible.

Speak: Jesus speaks twice in our text today (48-49; 62). He speaks words of peace to those who arrested him and words of identity to those who tried him. Do your words speak of peace? Do your words reveal Christ's identity?

Grow: Growth is not automatic and doesn't take place overnight. The spiritual streaker who left the garden scene was likely none other than John Mark who wrote the Gospel (51). The apostle who warmed himself by the fire caved in to fear (54). Thank God for chances to grow after failure.

Love: Sometimes religious people don't act very religious. In Mark 14:35 the religious elite mistreated the Son of God. How could this kangaroo court be reversed by just more loving?