Practicing Hospitality at Church


Our hospitality reflects the hospitality of God who embraces all people with love and grace. Here are ten simple things we ALL can do to show hospitality:

Be Willing to Walk

Too often the guests end up having to park somewhere on the far side of the moon because the closer spots are long gone. Take the parking spaces near the back and leave the best parking spots for others.

Own The Building

If you invited someone to your home, you would expend a little effort making the place look nice. It takes a group effort to keep a building as big as ours clean and neat. If you see trash, be a pal and pick it up!

Move to the Middle

Move to the middle so guests don’t have to walk over you. Trying to find a seat is part of what keeps newcomers away – it’s hard enough to come in and just sit down! We promise you’ll survive in your new location!

Smile Like You Mean It

A smile may be all a person needs to feel welcome! Guests feel more at ease when they see smiling people. You can resume your somber expressions when you get home.

Rule of Three

Challenge yourself to talk only to those you don’t know for the first three minutes after the service–that’s about how long it takes guests to leave after church. We want to let them know they are noticed and welcome!

Circle of Ten

Greet anyone, member or guest, who comes within ten feet of you. Make a special effort to greet the people you don’t already know within your Circle of Ten.

Look for the Lost Look

If someone looks like they don’t know where to go…then they probably don’t! Step out of your comfort zone and ask if you can help. As an added challenge, don’t just tell them where to go, show them!

Everyone’s Favorite Word

Everyone likes to hear their name. Imagine visiting a church and on the second visit, someone you met the week before calls you by name. You would feel noticed, remembered, and welcome!

Make The First Move

Guests may be overwhelmed by the newness of their experience. Try engaging them in conversation. Asking questions communicates you care!

Invite Them Back

When saying goodbye to a guest, it’s a simple thing to say, “Thank you for being here. We’d love to have you come again!” Many people are looking for a place to belong. Let’s make College Heights that place!

Don’t forget to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!
— Hebrews 13:2
College Heights