SPEAK! With Compassion

February 28, 2017




Lead Minister Sy Huffer walks us through Mark chapter six and talks about how we can speak with compassion.

Speak with compassion by doing what you can and provide space for God to make up the difference.
— Sy Huffer


Use these to further explore the topic of the sermon:


Has God broken your heart for the needs of the masses? What does it look like for you to pray for the harassed and helpless in our world? How can you make yourself aware of the needs in our world that breaks God's heart?


We saw in the story about Jesus feeding the five thousand that a major way that Jesus cares for and speaks to the masses is teaching them. How can you leverage our weekly Sunday morning church service in order to show compassion to the masses? What does it look like for you to invite people you know to church? Who do you know that you can invite?


Jesus pursued boundaries. What do your boundaries look like? When non-Christians see you living out the faith, do they desire the life you live or are they overwhelmed by how busy you are?

‪If you are so busy with church that you are unable to be the best husband/wife you can be, the best parent to your children, and a friend to lost people around you, then QUIT SOMETHING.‬
— Sy Huffer


What needs in our world break your heart? How is God leading you to show compassion and extravagant love to the masses or maybe simply to one person?

Do for the one what you want to do for the many.
— Mother Teresa
College Heights