SPEAK! With Courage



Our Lead Minister Sy Huffer takes us through Mark 5 and explores what it means to speak courage.


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:


Do you believe Jesus? Not in him, but believe what he says? How can your prayer life lead you to greater trust and dependence on what Jesus says, promises and commands?


How can you speak with urgency (Jairus), to the outcasts (bleeding woman), and to the few (Jesus)?


What does it look like to speak to a few disciples on a regular basis? How can you focus on multiplication rather than addition? Who are you training to speak, not just who are you speaking to? Use Model, Assist, Watch and Leave as a format to train others to Speak.


Who are the outcasts of our society? How can you engage those who are hurting and helpless, who the world has turned their back on? How can you love the unlovable?


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