SPEAK! Against Culture

February 15, 2017




Dr. Shane Wood, one of our Teaching Team, walks us through the book of Mark and tackles the difficult topic of culture. We look not only at how Jesus interacted with the culture during his ministry but also how we should interact with our culture today.

Church, we are sacrificing people on the altar of truth…and it needs to stop. We want to be right more than we want to love. We want to win the argument more than we want to win people to Christ. We use truth as a weapon to murder people.
— Dr. Shane Wood



Who (or what group) have you used your tongue as a weapon  against in the past three months? Commit to praying for them every day this week, to change words of cursing into words of blessing.


If someone did a survey of all of your social media posts, would they find words of grace or words of anger? Does your speech on social media match Christ’s love on the cross?


Destructible speech against sectors in the culture usually stem from ignorance of that person or group of people. Who do you speak out against but do not know very well (or personally at all)? How could you get to know them in order to view the world through their eyes?


How would you want Jesus to speak to you or about you to get you to change your behavior or position on an issue? How does your speech to others compare?


One of the things Shane said in his sermon was, “Truth Without Love is Not God’s Truth.”  For something to be God’s truth, it MUST be combined with love, as if love is part of the very DNA of truth. You can find a visual reminder here you can download to use as a wallpaper for your phone or computer.

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