Jesus Encounters the Fans : Luke 5 & 6

January 14, 2017




Sy Huffer, Lead Minister, reminds us that we don’t exist to gather crowds, but to make disciples. In this pursuit of discipleship, God is calling each one of us out of the fans and to become one of his followers.


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:

Pray: Jesus came to bring a party, he came to rid the world of sin and evil and injustice in the world. When you pray, what about this world wrecks you? What do you want God eradicate from our reality? What breaks your heart?

Speak: Who do you know that is different than you and is living life without the hope of God’s heaven on earth, ? What about Jesus’ death and resurrection can you share with that person?

Grow: Growing in our faith means intentionally investing in mentoring and training others in following Jesus. What does it look like to love the foreigner, the stranger, the lost, and the person different than you? What does bringing a party to them look like AS you disciple others in their faith?

Love: When you love those different than you, you will create a mob and mess. Are you willing to be judged wrongly, to experience slander, gossip, maybe even hate speech in order to love those who are desperately in need of Jesus and his party?




January 7    Luke 4

January 14    Luke 5-6

January 21    Luke 7.1-17

January 28    Luke 7.18-50



February 4    Luke 8-9

February 11   Luke 10-12

February 18   Luke 13-14.14

February 25   Luke 14.15-35

March 4   Luke 15

March 11   Luke 16-17

March 18   Luke 18-19