When God Makes An Entrance

December 31, 2017




Guest Preacher, Aaron Brockett, answers the question, "Why did God enter the world this way?"


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:

Pray: Aaron encouraged us to “keep praying and to keep planting” when we get discouraged with our sowing and reaping. How can you make prayer a bedrock discipline and a keystone habit this next year to sustain to your sowing and reaping? 

Speak: What part of your character, your life, and your relationships do you need to sow towards this next year? Talk to your spouse, your small group, close friends and ask them to give you insight into areas that you need to sow in. 

Grow: Aaron said, “small seeds make big trees, but not overnight.” What areas of your life is this true? How can you intentionally grow and disciple others with the law of sowing and reaping?

Love: Aaron said to: 

    Start Small,  

    Start Somewhere, 

    Start Now. 

What is your “sow goal” this year? How does your sowing help you love God or those around you better?