God's Gift to You: Joy

December 17, 2017




Dr. Mark Scott, one of our Teaching Ministers, demonstrates that when certain visitors arrive, they leave us never the same.



Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:

Pray: When John the Baptist was born, his father Zechariah “blessed” God (Luke 1:64). Part of that would be praise. But perhaps part of that was prayer. How many of your prayers concentrate on just blessing God? We tend to bring our shopping lists to God in prayer. Those lists seem to push out blessing. Strive to offer a prayer composed uniquely of blessing.

Speak: John the Baptist was quite a speaker. His dad said that he would give knowledge of salvation (Luke 1:77). Do you give knowledge of salvation to people? John the Baptist did so to people who followed him. Who is close to you that needs the knowledge of salvation? 

Grow: How is your obedience meter? Zechariah had a nine-month case of laryngitis because he was hesitant to embrace what angel Gabriel told him (Luke 1:20). Think back to a time when life was hard. Consider if life was difficult because of disobedience. Ask, “What if I had obeyed? What might have happened?”

Love: Would one of your characteristics be tender mercy? God had buckets of it (Luke 1:78). Some are spiritually gifted in mercy ministries (Romans 12: 8). But all of us can show more mercy by loving others better. We grow in our love by loving.


  • “Angels From The Realms of Glory”
  • “Angels We Have Heard On High”
  • “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”
  • “Arrival”–Hillsong
  • “Hallelujah, What a Savior”

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