One Hit Wonders: 3 John

November 26, 2017




Sy Huffer, Lead Pastor, reminds us that just two minutes can change someone's world when we use our time to encourage others.


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:

Pray: Ask the Lord to show you who needs a word of encouragement. Ask him to help you see people in need of support. 

Speak: Sy’s Granddad said, “Plan your day as if it will be full of interruptions.” Do you plan your day this way? How can planning your day this way help you speak the good news of Jesus to others? What does this look like for you? 

Grow: Who can you share the heart of this message with? To whom can you intentionally model  the discipline and habit of using “cracks of time” to encourage and support hurting people?

Love: Who do you know that needs to be encouraged, loved, and cared for this week? Commit to writing one card a day this week to someone who needs encouraged.


  • “All My Fountains”—Passion
  • “What A Beautiful Name”—Hillsong
  • “The Greatness of Our God”—Hillsong
  • “How Great Thou Art”—Hymn
  • “Build My Life”—Housefires III

College Heights