One Hit Wonders: 2 John

November 5, 2017




Sy Huffer, Lead Minister, reminds us to pay attention to the signs of life on our journey of learning to love God.


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:

Pray: 2 John is focused on the concept of walking in truth. Yet how do you know when you are being tempted towards a “Dead End,” towards false teaching? Ask God to reveal to you areas of your life that are drifting out of the path of truth. 

Speak: John, the Elder, thought the issue of false teaching pertinent enough to write a letter to this congregation, to speak to them about a difficult concept. Who do you know that may need you to speak to them about a difficult topic? How can you do it in love? 

Grow: I love how 2 John models what intentional discipleship, what mentoring looks like. How does 2 John impact the way you disciple your small group, your kids, your friends at work?

Love: John connects love to obedience and obedience to love, because when you love someone you trust that they have your best interest at heart. What area of your life needs to be brought under the Lordship of Jesus?


  • “Because He Lives (Amen)”–Chris Tomlin
  • “10,000 Reasons”–Matt Redman
  • “To Be Like You”–Hillsong Worship
  • “Step By Step”–Dave Strasser
  • “Hallelujah What A Savior”–Ascend the Hill

College Heights