Your Secret Weapon: Your Story

August 1, 2016



In this great battle against the Enemy of Eden, our greatest weapon is OUR STORY, not forgotten, but redeemed. TELL YOUR STORY so that your tragedy can be transformed into Christ's victory.



This past Sunday, Dr. Shane Wood boldly shared part of his own story and encouraged us to share our stories so that the grace of God might be displayed through our lives. You can watch it here.



Found In You by Vertical Church Band

Our God by Chris Tomlin

Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

Healer by Hillsong

I Won’t Let You Go by Switchfoot (feature song)



In response to Dr. Shane Wood's sermon, we invite you to tell your story. We believe the most powerful way to tell your story is face-to-face with another living being.

However, we recognize that being able to tell it through a text or anonymously through a website form might be the first step for some. If so, please feel free to do so. We will pray for you, either way. If you would like to leave contact information, you may do that as well. We pray that by telling your story, you will start down the road to healing and wholeness and will be able to transform your tragedy into Christ's victory!

College Heights