Update on Wells for India


Recently, the students from College Heights donated $20,000 to Central India Christian Mission to help dig wells in India. Due to the recent drought in India, this came at a perfect time!  Here's an update from them to their supporters:

We are excited and honored to share with you how the Lord has provided to enable CICM to aid in drought relief efforts. Once again, He has worked through you, our supporters, to meet the needs of thousands of people! Because of your generous giving, over $200,000 was given towards this effort!! Praise the Lord! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your response, prayers and generous gifts! We are so grateful for all you do that allows CICM to show the love of Christ!

God is working through the drought to draw those in need to Himself. CICM needs support now more than ever to continue to send more people to the field to evangelize and reach people for Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray about how you can be involved to help spread the hope of the Gospel. 

Many villages where CICM is at work are still in need of boreholes, hand-dug wells or water storage and conservation initiatives. In order to prepare for the dry months in the future, CICM is working with water-conservation professionals to better prepare for drought and flooding by working to build an infrastructure on the Damoh campus. This will aid in water conservation and distribution, allowing for more mobility and service to those who need it during the next drought season.
Thank you for your partnership and helping to make a difference in these beautiful lives!


College Heights