Our Father / Son Retreat: A Great Opportunity to Connect and Grow!

We all know about the importance of fathers spending time with their sons. The relationship a boy has with his father greatly shapes the man he will become in the future. You can help mold your son into a man you’ll be proud of by taking him on special father/son activities.

These kinds of activities allow you to spend some needed one-on-one time with your son. And they’re particularly conducive to bonding. Men don’t like to sit face to face and talk about their feelings. It’s much easier to open up when we’re doing something side by side, and we can just let the talk flow naturally as we cast a fishing line or tinker with tools.

What better place to re-connect with your son (and your masculinity) than in the great outdoors? The teaching opportunities on a camping trip are endless. For starters, you can show your son how to start a fire, how to navigate with a compass, how to use a pocket knife, how to identify plants and animals, and how to tie basic knots. Besides all the practical knowledge you can pass down, sitting around a campfire give you a chance to pass on some manly wisdom on life.



Here's some things to know : 

Date: April 22-24, 2016 

Location: Camp Smokey, Roaring River State Park, 12716 Farm Road 2239, Cassville, MO 

Cost: $20 (Price includes meals and cabin spot) 

What to bring: your own bedding, towel, personal items. 

If you don’t want to stay in the dorm-type cabins you may reserve a camping spot by contacting the Reservation Call Center at 1-877-422-6766 between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. There are three camping areas. Campground #3 is the area located near Camp Smokey. 

There will be a church van leaving the church on Friday at 5:30 PM if you want a ride or want to convoy down to Roaring River.

If you have any questions please contact Jeff White at 417.624.6915 x340 or jwhite@chjoplin.org

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