December 7, 2016



November 27

Two weeks ago, Sy Huffer, Lead Minister, kicked off this series about finances with a compelling message called "Lead Your Heart" based on Matthew 6.

You will hear more about the Commitment Ladder this coming Sunday!

This past Sunday, he continued the series with "Live With Contentment" based out of 1 Timothy 6. He reminded us that one way to experience peace in our lives is through wise financial stewardship. 

December 4

The heart is the battlefield of every Christian ministry. Winning people to Christ is a transaction of the heart. And at its core, the process of discipleship is growing people in their expand their heart for God so that God will ultimately own that entire real estate.
— Rick Dunham


Pray: How do your dreams need to be changed to Gospel dreams? Tim Keller says, "Prayer sanctifies your imagination." Ask the Lord to make your dreams Gospel dreams. 

Speak: Who needs to hear this wisdom from the Lord about peace and contentment in relation to money? How can you teach your kids and those in your circle of influence the principles of contentment when it comes to money? 

Grow: What obstacle of contentment do you need to overcome: discontentment, debt, or greed? Where do you need to grow in your management of your finances: living on a budget, wise saving, getting out of debt, or pursuing generosity? 

Love: How can you love people with your finances? How can you grow in your generosity this year? What does taking a step up on the ladder of giving look like for you and your family?



Sy also called us to consider this avenue of generosity: One Less Gift. Every year we take the challenge to buy one less gift for ourselves at Christmas so that we can give to those most in need. Here's just a couple of the projects that the One Less Gift funds:


We are currently observing the second week of Advent. Read more about Advent or view the Advent Guide.

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