Click here for a digital version of the Advent Guide.

Click here for a digital version of the Advent Guide.


Humanity is forgetful. We lose our keys, misplace the checkbook, and forget that special anniversary or birthday way too often. We forget. Even when we say we won’t, we do. Luckily, God knows this about us and gives us ways of jogging our memory. In the Old Testament, God gave His people feasts and festivals to celebrate and remember each year where He had brought them, what He had saved them from, and who He had saved them for. Why? Because we have spiritual amnesia. Advent is one of the ways we can remember the work of God in our life. 

How to Use this Guide

This booklet is a guide on the journey toward Christmas. Read each of the Scripture passages with the Advent season in mind. As you read them, reflect on how Jesus’ first and second coming are present in the Scriptures. 

Take the Challenge

During the Christmas season we are susceptible to selfishness. In the midst of the busy-ness, it is easy for us to turn our attention inward to our own wants, families, and comfort. Are these things wrong? Of course not. But in Advent we approach the Christ-child and what His coming portrays. We realize this is an opportunity to see outside of ourselves and enter another world. Just like He did. Each week, there are challenges to help us look outside of ourselves during this time of year.