• To form strong relationships between College Heights and the person going through 938.
  • To infuse the DNA of College Heights into the person (both our DNA for Global Outreach and for what the body of Christ looks like).
  • To give extended times of teaching (normally people are in 938 for 3-5 years).
  • To give high quality pre-field preparation for anyone who goes through 938.
  • To give counsel and orientation to 938ers in how to deal with issues like: team dynamics, spiritual authority, cross-cultural issues, working with nationals, debtissues, family of origin struggles, etc.
  • To practice seasons of processing information, spiritual disciplines and fellowship. 
  • To ensure that 938ers understand that being a member does not automatically qualify as a College Heights GO partner but it is a part of our process for those we partner with in the future.


For more information contact Josh Beck, Global Outreach Minister, jbeck@chjoplin.org